Last Class -Word Press

Our eight weeks are over now, and since I am doing my site as a blog, I have elected to try to fulfill  the last classes requirements here,  in writing.  I have chosen to blog, because regular updates reflect my life; there is nothing static about my reality. As a media arts student I am …



Digital Painting - The Snapdragon   I love digital painting, and not just because there is nowhere near the mess of real paint, it is because you can edit, and have access to so many brush types and colors so quickly  

La Traviata

Latest rendition of my Photoshop homework, also wanted to see the difference between JPEG and PNG on a monitor. JPEG first.Now the PNG: I must reconsider the use of 3D text. For my next post, I will tell how I came to have an appreciation for opera, I May have to write an opera about …