Last Class -Word Press

Our eight weeks are over now, and since I am doing my site as a blog, I have elected to try to fulfill  the last classes requirements here,  in writing.  I have chosen to blog, because regular updates reflect my life; there is nothing static about my reality.

As a media arts student I am  putting my work out  in front of my friends at this time, and as practice and preparation for use as a portfolio. I would also appreciate any feedback. Really.  If I burn dinner, you are welcome to say so if I don’t beat you to it. I hope to use this site as a showcase for employers and clients, and would rather have the opinions of friends than not be hired. I do intend to eventually have separate sites for personal and professional purposes.

The experience of learning to use Word Press has been exciting and a revelation. I never expected to have so many options or capabilities  for use at no cost. I had only one major difficulty. While changing from Motif to the  Twenty-Seventeen theme, I found rearranging the menus to be exasperating and spent a lot time and effort to get them to co-operate, trying everything from reloading to restarting, deleting and rebuilding several times. Finally, for no apparent reason, it just started to work like it should. I know that when I first made the switch, my nav bar was black with white type; it reversed while I was rearranging. Also,  I couldn’t see any effect when using  block quotes. This also changed at some point during editing. I did redo nearly the whole site after changing themes; the layout was totally different, and nothing fit. I also had to move my video: the music refused to play on the home page, while in another area it worked fine. I will recheck that, as perhaps there were some more “back of the house” upgrades, which is what I believe I was caught up in when trying to fix the menus. So my advice to other students is to prepare for extra work when changing themes, and maybe a lot, especially if trying the latest releases.

When I  found Twenty Seventeen , I appreciated its clean, sleek look and would have chosen it for that alone, but the  parallax on the home page image clinched it for me. It was a shiny pretty thing. I could not resist.

What I found truly exemplary was my classmates’ sites;

Amazing and Beautiful!!!

My last photoshop project is to create a poster.

I am basing it on this picture of a friend.

Step 1 – choose the photo
tamR.step 2-thurs (1)
Step 2- the background “canvas”


Step 3 – Frame, begin portrait

The background, border and dog designs belong to the artist in the photo. This poster will be a gift to her.


With digital painting I’ve found it easier to lay it on thick and make adjustments after. With more practice, that may change. Still need to paint her hair and  boots, bring in another item to round out the composition, and add in the required typography.

Stay tuned! I’m not finished.

tamR.mask-Mon copy-Recovered
End of class

 I would like to make the point, before I go public, that as soon as something is published with a provable date it is considered copyrighted, with or without the symbol. That is according to the copyright and media class I took at the community college. I would also like to include a pertinent link:  cultural courtesy

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 5.19.31 PM
She wants these jeans!



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