Furniture-Art Deco

Fit for a Hobbit House

There are so many refreshing and fantastic furniture designs, it is hard to know where to begin. I’ll start with this vanity. I inherited one of these as a girl; mainly because it was replaced by something more up-to-date at that time.  It made me feel imagesglamorous and grown up. The stool was long gone, and between moves, I also learned why there were so few of these with surviving mirrors. They just were not attached that firmly and didn’t have much of a shelf life. Neither did the shelf in the middle, as I learned in a subsequent move. Still, I was l left with two great night stands. I suppose that the idea that things would be replaced, just for the purpose of style was in itself a modern idea. It is too bad for us that this attitude came at a time when with such bold and artful designs were prominent.

Shopping for myself, I would have probably picked this happy little guy:

Robbie the Robot’s Dad
My Magic Carpet

If I had a registry, this would be at the top of my list. I gotta sleep somewhere, and I never could resist a built-in bookshelf.



A few other pieces to make life a bit more interesting:download


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