Art Deco Appliances

 Of all the Art Deco works, I enjoy the appliances, many of these styles were still in the homes of people I knew and were highlights of my visits to these havens of this eclectic style.images-about-olde-toasters-on-pinterest-toaster-toast-art-deco-appliances-photos-ideas-kitchen-appliancesart It was exciting to see the toast toasting. tumblr_omj98m7bYp1w7bd3yo1_500It was even more exciting to see the cloth covered cords short out. Probably why there aren’t that many of these left anymore.

Post traumatic toaster syndrome.

The radios were the best.34908643766_bbd1e37304_nlcttYzleZwZ2X-I1kAsCtAIf I owned one of these I don’t think I could have parted with it whether it worked or not.  But again, the electrical appliance probably had their scary moments and cried out (or ‘fried out’) for replacement.

Likely due to the fact that they ran on gas, 3f70af91292abf79723ade23f3b9b4b8--s-kitchen-vintage-kitchen

and the technology a little more proven,

these were more common.