Sail On – click here

My Cinema 4D Final Final, {this is how I name things when trying to improve the work up to the last minute.)  The hard part here was trying to get my boats to float. Mostly they fly, and it shows on a high-resolution screen. What amazed me was the ability to play with the juxtaposition of lights and movement, and to find settings for the night sky from around the world. I got this Beach Boys song stuck in my brain, on a continuous loop; the way Oliver Sacks explains in his books. I regularly reflect on the possibility that this could be a permanent condition and try to focus on the songs I ardently love, like this Beach Boys tune. I could live with this forever. I have decided that it is a message from the muses about where I should be directing my attention. I am inserting a clickable link of the same video, as required by my instructor: Sail On Sailor